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Here at Prelo Manor, our guests will enjoy extraordinarily beautiful and extremely peaceful scenery. Surrounded by green fields where cattle graze contentedly and breathtaking views out over the Sierra de Bobia, the only thing to interrupt the peace and quiet will be the sweet song of the nightingale.

The Hotel is set in the heart of the Navia Nature Park, (Parque histórico del Navia) and this privileged situation affords guests the opportunity to visit a number of well preserved Iron Age settlements (Castros de Coaña and Pendia) and enjoy truly magnificent mountain scenery: lush green grass, purple heather and many other typical flowers, which is why Boal is also known as the capital of honey in this area.

This part of Asturias offers something for everyone: from a number of fascinating trails which can be explored on foot or on horseback as well as canoeing out on the reservoirs.
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