Palacio de Prelo, the surroundings: the navia valley
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The Navia Valley is an extraordinarily beautiful valley with high, craggy mountains rising up on either side. The River Navia was, in the past, one of the most renowned salmon and trout fishing rivers in the whole of the Asturias region. Today, the waters have been dammed to form three reservoirs (the Arbón, the Doiras and the Grandas de Salime) and if you take a boat out onto the calmer waters of the reservoirs and explore, you can enjoy some enchanting scenery. Not to be missed are the many magnificent waterfalls and caverns which can be found half-hidden behind a veil of thick, green over-hanging foliage.

Nearby in the district of Boal, there are many arqueological remains of interest to the visitor, including an Iron Age settlement in Pendia. Off the beaten track, and out into the mountains of the Sierra de la Bobía, the tranquil scene of horses and cows grazing freely is reminiscent of another age. For the more energetic, a walk up to the top of the mountain range will reward you with some truly breathtaking scenery - as deep valleys disappear into the distance towards the coast.

Given that this area has always been famous for its aromatic, intense, ambar-coloured honey, some interesting old circular stone constructions are to be found - these are the cortines, built to protect the hives, which would be put in the centre, from wild animals.The local AS-12 road between Boal, Navia and Grandas de Salime, also connects on to the old Pilgrims' Road to Santiago de Compostela.
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